The Blue Grass Stockyards

The Blue Grass Stockyards

The Blue Grass Stockyards is more than a stockyard. Today, it’s collectively called the Blue Grass Regional Marketplace, a place for farmers to share commerce, but also for the community to come and learn about the agriculture industry of Kentucky. In 2016, an accidental fire burned the 70 year old Blue Grass Stockyards to the ground. After the dust and soot of the massive downtown Lexington fire settled, it was clear that an opportunity was budding out of tragedy to reemerge and redefine what it means to be an agriculture business.        

The Bluegrass Stockyards opened its doors in 2017 to a new, state of the art facility unique to the American cattle industry becoming the center for agri-business tourism in the region. Yet in all its newness, the history of Kentucky’s agriculture industry remains apparent. The bricked floors of the entry are salvaged from the oldest part of the original stockyard.

The new stockyard is home to RT Outfitters, “The Chop Shop”, a Kentucky Proud butcher shop, Breeder’s Farrier Supply, “The Yards” beef industry classroom, an agriculture history museum, event and pop-up market space and other agriculture industry businesses.          

The jewel of the facility may be its restaurant--Hayden’s Stockyard Eatery, serving up breakfast and lunch to cattlemen, locals and visitors. It is quickly becoming a fast favorite of the Lexington and Georgetown communities.


Blue Grass Stockyard

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16 Feb 2018