West Main Crafting Co.

West Main Crafting Co.

Specializing in Cocktails, Food and Spirits


West Main Crafting Co. remains an exciting source of cocktail and spirit culture in downtown Lexington, having released their new cocktail menu at the new year.  Inspired by pre-Prohibition cocktail bars, West Main provides an authentic cocktail experience by thoughtfully adapting traditional recipes and meticulously crafting every ingredient they use.  A full pantry of herbs can be seen behind the bar, used to produce house made bitters, tinctures, and perfumes for the sake of authenticity.


To complete their Belle Époque vibe, the bar is also stocked with the widest available selection of absinthes in the state of Kentucky, accompanied with charming, traditional service.  The beverages program is joined by an interesting selection of vegan-friendly dishes featuring reimagined bar snacks and decadent, shareable classics.  West Main is also launching a new dinner series in February that will pair cocktails with unique menu items crafted by guest chefs.            


Cocktails, food, spirits, and ingredients are all presented in a beautiful book full of fun information and gems unique to Lexington’s bar scene, like three different cocktail flights.  “It’s a little surprising to some guests, to be handed a small book as a menu,” laughs Brand Ambassador Jonathan Laurel.  But he and Head Bartender Jake Sulek view it a means to make the experience more engaging and approachable.  “All we want is to provide an astounding drinking experience—the most astounding, even.  We made the book so that our guests have everything they need to explore this storied world of spirits and enjoy it as much as we do.”      

West Main Crafting Co. is located next to 21c Hotel at 135 W Main St., and is open every day at 5pm.

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16 Feb 2018