Wood Art by Eli

My interest in woodworking began over 30 years ago in my high school workshop class, making simple shelves, wood boxes and various household objects, but my curiosity faded as my interests and priorities changed over the years. I have always had a great interest in the visual arts, always admiring others talents and pondering the idea of being an artist myself.

My wife and I attended a home show 12 years ago where we saw a demonstration of wood working techniques using a scroll saw. Woodworking fascinated me once again, especially the technique of intarsia. While there, I learned the basics of intarsia, the art of inlaying pieces of sanded and rounded wood into a specific pattern and creating the illusion of depth.
The following month I purchased a scroll saw and the tools needed to create an intarsia piece. I carefully crafted my first piece, a heart for my wife, Paula for Valentine’s Day. It was so crude that she almost didn’t recognize what it was supposed to be! Although slightly discouraged, I continued to learn the art of intarsia creating all kinds of pieces from animals like birds, fish, horses to nature scenes, cartoon characters and many of my own unique creations. I never thought about selling my work and gave them away as presents to friends and family.

My wife has been my biggest supporter and fan. She encouraged me to try and sell my pieces. In June 2012 we set up a booth at the Artist’s Market in Downtown Lexington as part of the Farmers’ Market. I was so humbled to see people admire my work and I still am. I was also happy to see people smile when they see my work and even laugh at my whimsical pieces.

Intarsia woodworking is such a passion for me and I enjoy sharing it with people. I also enjoy attending art festivals and shows which allows me to meet new and special people along the way who share the same enthusiasm for handmade art.

My wood art is exclusively available at Artique Gallery in Lexington, KY at both of their locations. Lexington Green Mall 859-272-8802 and the Lexington Convention Center 859-233-1774.

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14 Feb 2014

By TRAVELHOST Contributing Writer